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How a social media campaign took KOLs deep in the heart of Texas

Social media influencers, known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in China, play an important role for Chinese consumers. Recognized as a trusted and influential source, KOLs are aligning with brands to share first-hand experiences that play a powerful role in consumer decision-making.

To raise the profile of Texas’ gateway cities and better showcase in-depth
statewide experiences

Create co-promotions with Sina Weibo KOLs

  • In order to share more in-depth travel stories about Texas, we created and designed a campaign page on Texas Tourism’s official Sina Weibo account and invited popular KOLs, OTA partners, media and travelers to participate.
  • Six leading KOLs were invited to Texas to discover how unique Texas is and share their experiences with rodeos, historic tours, Southern food, Western wear, etc.
  • The 12-week campaign was promoted on DiDi’s mobile app with a custom campaign page and a variety of banner ads, DiDi’s official WeChat accounts and on Alipay’s social channels—China’s widely-used third-party online payment platform.

The KOLs collectively created and shared 67 Weibo posts with an estimated media value of $1.9 million. Overall, more than 4 million people viewed our campaign page on Sina Weibo and more than 11,000 people shared comments.

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