• East West Marketing (EWM) connects the world to Asia. We are a tourism-focused agency of destination marketing strategists, cutting-edge creatives, digital experts, research analysts and travel and hospitality professionals who believe travel helps us better understand the world, its people and its cultures.


    Founded in 1996, EWM recognized China’s evolving and flourishing outbound tourism market and set out to become a bridge between international travel destinations and China. In 2018, the agency expanded its operations into India with a veteran team in Delhi. With a passion and expertise for developing outbound travel in emerging markets, our mission is to introduce more Chinese and Indian travelers to diverse locations around the world.


  • Our agency has a wealth of experience in destination marketing. We have represented nearly three dozen U.S., European, and African travel and tourism organizations, including city and state destinations, attractions, hotels, cruise lines and retailers, through travel trade, marketing and public relations services. Today, EWM serves more than 30 clients worldwide with offices in China, India and the U.S.


    Because of this, EWM has established lasting client relationships and a reputation as an outstanding marketing agency. From planning through execution, EWM is a trusted partner, collaborator and advisor with the optimal tools and team to help our clients strengthen relationships and brand recognition in China and India.


  • Together we can break through the noise. We believe in data and the stories it tells. Our deep understanding of the Chinese and Indian markets as well as the travel trade and media landscape inform our customized approach of building meaningful, in-market strategies with real results.


    With wholly-owned and operating offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Taipei, and Delhi; and more than two decades serving clients, East West Marketing is embedded in Chinese and Indian culture and remains at the forefront of the travel industry.


  • We love the journey. And we’re with you each step of the way.


    We believe in every moment there is something to discover, a connection to be made and an experience to elevate. That is what creates lasting travel memories and lasting client relationships.


    As emerging markets like China and India mature, they will shape and define the future of global tourism. At East West Marketing, we pride ourselves on preparing our clients for not only the tourism demands of today, but also tomorrow.


  • Integrity

    Doing the right thing is our guiding principle and is at the foundation of every decision we make.

    Quality and Accountability

    We are brand advocates and brand protectors who take great pride in our work and our client’s success.


    Trusted, quality research guides and informs our process and recommendations.

    Flexibility and Agility

    Adaptability is key to meeting the changing demands of our clients. When we are presented with challenges, we believe in swift and thoughtful alternative solutions to meet business objectives and improve results.

    Fun and Collaboration

    We take our work and fun seriously. We have the great pleasure of serving clients in one of the most dynamic industries—travel and tourism. We believe team spirit and celebrating success along the way makes for cherished memories and long-lasting client relationships.


  • As an independent agency, we have the freedom to invest in projects we are passionate about.


    Through our own growth and success, we’ve never lost focus. Our client relationships remain top priority, and that’s demonstrated by our high client-retention rate.


    We have a strong professional presence in both China and India making us highly knowledgeable influencers to educate your key stakeholders and prepare them to provide a great visitor experience.


    We not only understand China’s and India’s geography, economy, politics, government regulations and culture, but are also experts when it comes to the changing travel distribution systems and how the digital evolution has impacted our industry. Through this transformative time, we serve as a digital leader to our clients.


    From public relations and social media to video production and creative, our work is produced in-house to ensure the highest quality and maximize efficiencies for integrated marketing campaigns.


    We have an earned-centric approach, meaning our ideas connect with people and spark a desired behavior. Whether we’re developing a co-op with an OTA or launching a social media campaign, we develop authentic and compelling content that builds trust, interest and motivation to act.

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