• Travel Trade

    With central offices in China’s four largest cities—Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu—and India’s capital of Delhi, we know what it takes to stand out in the Chinese and Indian markets and we’re committed to helping you thrive. Since East West Marketing’s founding in 1996, we’ve spent the past twenty years building and strengthening our relationships with media, travel trade, airlines, hotels and government agencies.

  • Readiness Programs & Market Education

    The burgeoning middle class in both China and India is rapidly changing the visitor mix, while the growth of mobile technology and digital platforms is dramatically changing our tourism ecosystem. Through our educational training (e.g. in-person trainings, webinars, written materials), DMOs, attractions, hotels and other key industry players will learn to adapt to these unique market challenges and better understand the evolving Indian and Chinese traveler.

    Sales Mission

    EWM has the optimal tools, network and team to plan effective sales missions to China and India. Whether we’re planning a mission with diplomats and dignitaries or partnership representatives, our team is equipped to handle the intricacies and sensitives of these significant visits. We do this while maximizing your time on the ground and ensuring you have a most memorable experience.

    Trade Familiarization Trips

    Our team has extensive experience planning and executing FAM tours for our clients from individual VIP programs to large-scale group operations. With our wide network of travel agencies, tour operators, OTAs and wholesalers, we have the relationships to build impactful and memorable destination experiences.

    Sales Calls & Tailored Trainings

    Our team conducts regular sales calls with key travel and tourism decision-makers and managing level staff. Our centrally located offices in China and India give us the ease and flexibility to conduct in-person meetings, further strengthening these critical relationships.

    Marketing Research & Consumer Insights

    To help our clients develop winning strategies in China and India, we create customized campaigns based on market intelligence. We provide quality, creative solutions rather than simply translating an existing campaign, which often does not resonate in the market.

    Marketing & Promotions

    We work with hotel and airline suppliers to develop integrated destination marketing and promotional programs that are sold through major Chinese and Indian OTAs, travel retailers and wholesalers.

    Product Development

    EWM develops comprehensive destination travel products with our travel trade partners for the Chinese and Indian markets.

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